Couple in Car Survive 300-Foot Fall Into a California Canyon

Michael Levenson, reporting for The New York Times:

Ms. Fields said her phone had instructed her to point it toward a
satellite and hold it there, which allowed her to summon help.

“It was honestly strange,” Ms. Fields said, adding that although
she is a “very techie kind of a person,” she had not known about
the satellite feature.

The Sheriff’s Department said it had received a call at about 1:55
p.m. from Apple’s emergency call center and had dispatched the
Montrose Search and Rescue Team, the Los Angeles County Fire
Department and other agencies.

Sergeant Gilbert said the call center had given the authorities an
accurate latitude and longitude for Ms. Fields and Mr. Zelada’s
location. He said he was not aware of anyone else who had called
to report the crash, “so there was a high potential they could
have been stuck in the canyon after midnight.”

“Dear Tim, …”

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