CNBC: ‘Warner Bros Discovery Close to Picking “Max” for Name of HBO Max Replacement’

Alex Sherman and Lillian Rizzo, reporting for CNBC:

Warner Bros. Discovery executives are close to formalizing a new
name and platform for its soon-to-be-launched streaming service
that will combine the preexisting HBO Max and Discovery+ services.

The merged platform’s expected name, “Max,” is being vetted by the
company’s lawyers, according to people familiar with the matter.

Executives haven’t finalized a decision and the name could still
be changed, but Max is the likely choice, said the people, who
asked not to be named because the discussions are private. Some
senior executives are still debating a final name, said two of the
people. Internally, Warner Bros. Discovery has given the new
service a code name of “BEAM” while a final name is being debated,
said the people. Lawyers are vetting other names, as well.

Not the worst name they could go with. The mistake with “HBO Max” was muddying the premium HBO brand with the “anything and everything” content of a unified app for everything this enormous content factory conglomerate puts online. My big question is what happens to HBO content. Is it stuck in a tab inside the “Max” app, or will there be a standalone “HBO” app too?

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