Clear your Mac’s desktop of apps and reopen them when needed with Later

What you need to know

  • Later is a new app that automatically hides your apps to give you a clean desktop.
  • Use Later to automatically reopen all apps and windows when you’re ready.
  • Need your windows to reopen after a set time? Later can handle that, too.

You can download Later with a 40% discount for a limited time.

Need to clear your desktop in a flash but don’t want to lose where all of your windows were? You need Later, a new macOS app that’s available to download today.

The new app is both simple and a genius idea because it requires just one keyboard shortcut to instantly clear your Mac’s desktop of all windows and apps. It could be perfect for sharing your screen via a video call or just when someone comes to visit your desk in the office. Whatever the reason for you to use it, Later makes it just as easy to get all of those windows and apps back, too.

Check out the promo video to see Later in action.

Options include the ability to quit apps instead of just hiding them as well as a timer that will automatically re-open everything once it expires. All you need is macOS 11.6 or later and you’re golden.

If that sounds like something you could benefit from — and really, it should — now is the time to download it. Normally priced at $20, Later is available this week with a 40% discount — check out the Later website and you can buy it for just $12 right now.

This has the potential to become one of the best Mac apps for people who work in an office, have to share their screens with others, or just like to have a clean desktop every once in a while. Grab it now while that price is locked in!

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