Captions add to Menu Bar Lessons on the Mac

Captions and Transcriptions have added to my Menu Bar Lessons for the Mac

I’ve added captions and transcriptions to my lessons on working with the menu bar on the Mac. These lessons are part of my Tutor for Mac, and they are designed to help you get acquainted with the Menu Bar on the Mac. With these lessons, I look at the Apple Menu and the different features it offers, how the Mac works with an application’s menu, menu extras and how you manage them, as well as the secondary menu. These lessons now include captions and transcriptions.

Lessons, now with captions and transcriptions, included in Working with the Menu Bar on the Mac.

So how do the captions work? While watching the video, you just click or tap on the CC in the playbar of the video.From there you can choose to show captions. The captions are in available only in english.

What about the transcriptions? The transcription makes it easy to see, or read, what the video is about. It also makes the search on my site more robust. Now when you search for a term, any lesson with that term or terms in the transcript, will show up in your results. So if I mention it in the video, you’ll be able to search for it. I have most of the transcript hidden by default, you’ll see about 3 lines of the transcript below the video description. Click on ‘Show all the Transcript’ to view the entire transcript.

I’ll be adding more captions on a regular basis. I’ll keep you posted. I hope you find them helpful!

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