Ben Stiller on the chance of a role in ‘Severance’ — ‘Anything is possible’

What you need to know

  • *Severance( director Ben Stiller hasn’t ruled out an appearance in the second season.
  • The first season of Severance just came to a close.

That second season is going to have a lot to live up to.

Now that the first season of Apple TV+ hit Severance is done and dusted, all attention inevitably turns to the second. Could director Ben Stiller make an appearance in front of the camera? “Anything is possible,” he says.

Stiller was speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the final episode of Severance, an Apple TV+ show that has gone from strength to strength in recent weeks. The finale has people talking with anticipation of a second season already sky-high. While Stiller says he’s enjoying his time directing and producing, he’s said to be “looking forward to getting back into acting.” As for a role for himself in the second season, he says that “anything is possible” although he stopped short of confirming anything.

Both Stiller and writer Dan Erickson were speaking at a first season finale celebration, with both noting that they are still writing the second season — and the fact that they’re writing while people are reacting to the first season means they can take that on board as they work.

Of writing season two, [Stiller] said, “It’s actually been great to be in this process while the show has come out because I feel like the audience reaction to the show informs the show and it’s important to be aware of what people are responding to.”

Erickson added of their current conversations about what comes next, “You start to see what people are reacting to, what they’re liking. There are certain characters who have commanded even more loyalty than we thought they would or even more affection than we thought they would, so you always want to make sure that whatever people are loving about your show that you’re earning that and backing it up and giving back to the people who have given their love to the show.”

As for when we can expect season two of Severance to land on Apple TV+, we still don’t know. But we do know that the season finale we all just experienced is going to take some living up to!

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