Ask Me Anything Webinar from April 20, 2023

During this Ask Me Anything (AMA) webinar, I covered a variety of topics related to Apple devices. These included tips on how to remove apps and accounts like TikTok, not just hide them, and how to make the iPhone default to the numbers keyboard (you can’t). I also shared some suggestions for keeping up on app updates, which can be overwhelming for many Apple device users.

Furthermore, I talked about the use of CleanMyMac X and Malwarebytes, two popular software tools used for keeping Apple devices clean and free of malware. Additionally, I addressed a common issue that many users encounter – how to keep iMessage in sync on all devices with the same Apple ID.

Another topic that we covered was how to show favorites in Safari’s start page, which can be a useful feature for users who visit certain websites frequently. Additionally, I provided some helpful guidance on how to test the cord to a MacBook Air to see if it is charging properly.

Towards the end of the AMA, I covered on whether it is safe to use a personal device to access inflight airline entertainment. To wrap things up, I shared a fun tip on using emojis for text and then held an open Q&A session where attendees could ask any remaining questions they had.

Topics included:

  • How to remove, not just hide, apps like TikTok
  • Can you make the iPhone default to the numbers keyboard?
  • Do you have a suggestion for keeping up on App updates?
  • Do you use CleanMyMac X and/or Malwarebytes?
  • How do I keep iMessage in sync on all devices with same Apple ID?
  • How can I show my Favorites in Safari’s Start Page?
  • How do I test the cord to my MacBook Air to see that it is charging?
  • Is it safe to access inflight airline entertainment?
  • Tip: Emoji’s for Text
  • Open Q&A

I also added a number of links to websites and apps we talked about in the webinar. Please note that these links are available to members only, so you’ll want to make sure you are logged in if you are a member.

Watch the replay here. I hop you find it helpful!

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