Apple Watch Series 7 takes a beating in new ad

What you need to know

  • Apple has released a new ad for the Apple Watch Series 7.
  • The new ad, titled “Hard Knocks,” shows the watch taking a major beating.
  • Apple is touting the watch’s durability with the ad.

Watch the Apple Watch Series 7 get put through the wringer.

Apple is only a few months away from revealing its next generation of Apple Watch, but that isn’t stopping the company from rolling out new ads for the current one.

Today, the company launched a new ad for the Apple Watch Series 7 titled “Hard Knocks.” In the ad, Apple touts the durability of the latest Apple Watch as it gets beat up from a tennis match, boxing match, football game, skate practice, and more. You can check out the new ad below:

Apple Watch Series 7. The most durable Apple Watch ever.

If you’re looking for the song that’s featured in the ad, it’s “Power of My Love” by Jack White. You can check it out on Apple Music below:

Apple is highlighting some of the durability upgrades it made with the Apple Watch Series 7 like its 50% thicker front crystal, robust geometry, and OLED display.

Despite those upgrades, many are still wanting even more durability from their Apple Watch. This has led to rumors that Apple is working on a rugged edition of the watch that will cater to those who take their Apple Watch in the most extreme conditions.

Apple is expected to announce the Apple Watch Series 8 models alongside the iPhone 14 at an event in September.

If you aren’t planning to wait until the next version and are on the hunt for an Apple Watch right now, check out our list of the Best Apple Watch deals for Prime Day 2022.

Apple Watch Series 7

Bottom line: I love the Apple Watch Series 7, and its small upgrades make for a big difference from most previous models.

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