Apple Provides Sensible Device and Data Access Safety Advice

Our iPhones have become the keys to our digital lives. They hold our most private photos, conversations, financial data, among so much more. That’s why Apple goes to such lengths to help us protect our privacy and security. But we all have people with whom we share some level of access, this could include shared photo albums, shared locations, or even shared passcodes. Unfortunately, trusted relationships sometimes disintegrate, occasionally in ugly ways that could endanger your safety. If that happens, you want to make sure to disable whatever sharing you had with such a person. You can always turn to me for help, of course, but Apple has now published “Device and Data Access when Personal Safety Is At Risk.” This is a clear, sensible PDF guide that explains the many ways of sharing data using Apple devices and services, along with details on how to see with whom you’re sharing—and how to stop that sharing if you need to. Even if you aren’t worried about your safety in this regard, it’s worth reading the guide and revisiting your settings to make sure you’re sharing only with intended people.

Device and Data Access when Personal Safety Is At Risk.

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