All My Lessons Are Free Through May!

All my lessons are free through May!

There is a lot of good news going around these days. People are getting vaccinated. Vaccinations are working in bringing cases down. Masks are no longer required if you’ve been vaccinated. And Spring is here! With all this good news, I thought I’d celebrate by unlocking all my lessons! No sign-up required! How does it work? Just click to view the lesson and watch the video. That is it.

If you like what you see, you can help support the site by becoming a member. Not only do you get all of my lessons, but you also can attend my Q&A Webinars I hold regularly, but you also get access to my new online live classes! As they say, that is not all – you can resume your last lesson, search and filter lessons by tutorial or device, add notes, and more.

Available to anyone viewing my site:

  • Over 1,400 lessons
  • Lessons organized by tutorial

Members also get:

  • All future Webinars are included
  • Can watch any past Webinars
  • Can attend any of my Classes
  • Access your Favorite Tutorials from your Dashboard
  • Resume the last lesson taken from your Dashboard
  • Add notes to any lesson and find them on your Dashboard
  • Site keeps track of any lessons you’ve taken
  • Search and filter lessons by Tutorial
  • Search and filter lessons by Device
  • Search and filter lessons by Category
  • Reminders are sent before any renewals
  • No-Hassle Cancellation Policy
  • And last, comfort in knowing they are helping a small business.

Take a look around. Maybe I can help you. If I can, great! If you would like more, maybe you’d be interested in a membership. 🙂

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