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Which characters will you align yourself with?

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes features many of the same characters from the hit Fire Emblem: Three Houses RPG. However, this is a new story with new possibilities where you no longer play as Byleth. Much like Three Houses, this Warriors game has you choose which group of people you want to align yourself with. This will allow you to get to know these characters better and will unlock unique dialogue specific to them. Here are all of the characters we know of so far.

WARNING: There are some spoilers from the original Fire Emblem: Three Houses on this page. If you don’t want character info or plot points spoiled for you, read no further.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes — Three paths

One of the big draws in the original Fire Emblem: Three Houses RPG was the replay value provided by the three different paths you could take. Going along with this same energy, the Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes spin-off allows players to align with Edelgard and her followers in the Scarlet Blaze path, follow Dimitiri and his allies in the Azure Gleam path, or join Claude and the rest of his Leicester Alliance friends in the Golden Wildfire path. Regardless of which path you choose, you’ll always be able to play as Shez and have Byleth as your enemy.

This spinoff is bigger than the original Three Houses game, requiring 13.4GB of space. This hopefully means there’s a lot of content to get through. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you have enough room on your best microSD card.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes — Characters

There are a handful of characters that you will see a lot of regardless of which path you decide to choose. Some of these characters are playable while other non-playable characters are important to the story.

Character Description
“Shez” (F/M) The main character who is out to defeat Byleth. They can have any name and can be male or female.
Byleth Eisner (M/F) The main antagonist in Three Hopes known as “The Ashen Demon” to Shez. The player chooses if they are male or female.
Sothis A mystical girl who saved Byleth in the beginning of Three Houses and speaks to them in their mind.
Arval Saved Shez before they were killed by Byleth and talks to the main character in their head, similarly to how Sothis speaks to Byleth.
Monica von Ochs Was a student at Garreg Mach Monastery who went missing. Byleth thought he rescued her from the Death Knight, and that she continued her education. However, it turned out this was an evil woman named Kronya pretending to be her. The real Monica might have been murdered or she might be alive somewhere.
Holst Goneril Hilda’s brother who is known for his skill in battle as greatest general in the Leicester Alliance.
Count Bergliez Caspar’s father and the imperial army’s commander-in-chief.
Jeralt Reus Eisner Byleth’s father and a skilled mercenary. He grew distrustful of Rhea when his wife died suddenly after going into labor while in her care.
Rhea The archbishop of the Church of Seiros who used to command Jeralt when he was a Knight of Seiros. Upon meeting Byleth, she made them a professor at the academy.
Flayn She lives at the monastery with her older brother Seteth who is very protective of her. Seteth is Rhea’s right-hand man and thus has a lot of power.
Rodrigue Achille Fraldarius Felix’s father and a powerful warrior. Dimitri reveres him as a father-figure.
Anna A recurring character in the Fire Emblem franchise who serves as a Merchant in Three Hopes.

The rest of the main playable characters will depend on which path you take throughout the course of the game.

Edelgard and the Scarlet Blaze Path characters

If you choose to align with Edelgard and the Adrestian Empire, these will be the characters you play as.

Character Description
Edelgard von Hresvelg She wields an axe and has strong opinions as the heir to the Adrestian Empire. Her long goal is to get rid of the inequality caused by Crests and nobility. She is fueled by the horrible experimentations she unwillingly underwent in her youth which provided her with her own Crest.
Hubert von Vestra No one is more faithful to Edelgard than Hubert. This powerful man has been by her side since they were both young and uses his magic as she commands him to.
Dorothea Arnault A commoner who loves to act, sing, and entertain. Her magic is helpful for offensive attacks but also for healing allies.
Bernadetta von Varley This gifted archer was raised by an abusive father and as such has low self-esteem and prefers to spend time alone.
Ferdinand von Aegir A competitive nobleman who wants more equality between people of different classes. He wields a lance on the battlefield.
Caspar von Bergliez A seeker of justice who is skilled with the axe. He has been friends with Linhardt since they were young.
Petra Macneary She was born heir to the throne of Brigid, however, she was made a vassal to the Adrestian Empire as part of the alliance made between the two kingdoms. She fights along Edelgard’s side with her sword.
Linhardt von Hevring He’s a powerful magician, but he’d rather spend his time daydreaming or better yet, sleeping.

Dimitri and the Azure Gleam path characters

If you choose to align with Dimitri and the Kingdom of Faerghus, these will be your playable characters.

Character Description
Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd The crown prince of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and stepbrother to Edelgard. He wields a lance atop his horse. When Dimitri was young, he developed a crush on Edelgard and gifted her a dagger when he learned she was being sent back to the Empire.
Dedue Molinaro Dimitri’s best friend and trusted protector. He comes from Duscur and his people were blamed for the death of King Lambert. Dimitri saved him from death and so he serves the prince unconditionally.
Mercedes von Martritz She and her mother fled her stepfather’s home when she was 10 and was raised in a church. This lead her to become very religious and she mostly uses her magical powers to heal allies.
Ashe Ubert His parents died leaving him to raise his siblings. This being a hard task, he reluctantly turned to a life of theft to keep everyone cared for. He’s skilled with a bow and arrow.
Felix Hugo Fraldarius Was a close childhood friend of Dimitri. He distanced himself from the crown prince after two key events. Firstly, his older brother died in service to the king, and then later he witnessed beast-like bloodlust from Dimitri when they were in battle.
Annette Fantine Dominic Her father was a knight under King Lampert and was disgraced after not being there to protect the king from assassination. She is a skilled magic user and close friends with Mercedes.
Sylvain Jose Gautier He grew up with Dimitri, Felix, and Ingrid. When it was discovered that Sylvain had a Crest, his parents basically neglected and disowned his older brother who did not have one. Because of this, his older brother has attempted to kill him several times, but Sylvain remains understanding of the situation.
Ingrid Brandl Galatea She was engaged at birth to Felix’s brother but then he died at the Tragedy of Duscur. Her sole focus has been to become a knight to honor her felled fiance.

Claude and the Golden Wildfire path characters

Choosing Claude and the Leicester Alliance means you will unlock these playable characters.

Character Description
Claude von Riegan A skilled archer who has been discriminated against since childhood for being part Fódlan, part Almyran. He learned to hide his cunning nature with a prankster’s attitude and wants everyone to unite despite their race, rank, or Crest. He was finally seen as the legitimate heir to the Almyra throne just before going to school.
Hilda Valentine Goneril Her older brother, Holst, is a legend who many assumed would take the Almyran throne before Claude was legitimized. She’s Claude’s right hand and lazy as all get out, but she is also skilled with an ax.
Lorenz Hellman Gloucester He often tries flirting with ladies, but his arrogant attitude is completely offputting. He’s the son of a nobleman and rides a horse with lance in hand into battle.
Raphael Kirsten A merchant’s son who chose to become a knight after his parents were killed by a monster. He’s very focused on his muscular physique, but also a kind soul.
Igntaz Victor He is also the son of merchants and has a keen eye for art and books. In battle, he wields a bow and arrow.
Lysithea von Ordelia She is a magical prodigy and much younger than the rest of the people around her. However, she hates being referenced as young or little.
Marianne von Edmund A reserved young woman with magical talents. She was raised by her uncle after her parents died. Her uncle paid the Garreg Mach Monastery so they wouldn’t look into her Crest.
Lionie Pinelli She is a hunter-turned mercenary who apprenticed under Byleth’s stepfather, Jeralt, for a time. She uses a lance while mounted on a horse.

Keep your allies close and your enemies closer

With Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes’ release date of June 24 around the corner, it’s a great time to read up on the game to prepare. The path you choose determines which characters will be your allies and which ones will be your enemies. Regardless of what decision you make, there will be unique dialogue and character interactions to uncover. That makes it so the game provides plenty of replay value if you want to play again and see where another path takes you.

Fight for what you believe

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

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Choose your way

You’ll need to align yourself with one of three groups before seeing where this path leads you.

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