Adjust the Playback Speed of my Video Lessons

Screenshot of where to find the Playback Controls while watching a video.

I’m happy to announce you can now adjust the playback speed of my videos! Whether you need to slow it down to follow a tutorial more closely, or speed it up to review important takeaways, you can now easily adjust the playback speed of any of my videos.

To do this, just start playing the video, and toward the bottom right of the video, you will see a gear. Click on that to adjust the speed from five different playback speeds: slow down the video to play at half the normal speed, or increase playback to 1.25 times, 1.5 times, or two times the normal speed.

This came as a suggestion. In all honesty, Vimeo, who hosts my videos, introduced this a while ago, I just never implemented it. Somehow I missed this announcement that it was available. Anyway, a member suggested it, I looked into it, and found it was available. It is now implemented on all my videos.

I hope it helps!

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