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Need training or help with your Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, or Apple TV? I can help with tutorials, classes, and webinars.

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Over 1,600 Lessons

All tutorials are organized and include easy-to-follow video lessons.

Online Classes

Classes are held on a regular basis and cover a wide range of topics.

AMA Webinars

I put my Genius hat on during my Ask Me Anything Webinars.

Take Notes

Take notes while watching a lessons. Find all your notes later under your Dashboard.

Favorite Tutorials and Resume your Last Lesson

Site features include favoriting tutorials and resuming your last tutorial or lesson.

Course Tracking

The site keeps track of tutorial progress including what lessons and tips you have taken.

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What My Students Have to Say

The teaching is very well done! Thanks. – Jocelyn

The small amount of money I’ve spent for membership with Dan’s Tutorials is worth every cent. Thank you for what you do. – Lynda

I love your tutorials. I’m even promising myself that I will watch one tutorial a day like a vitamin! – Kendra

Thank you! This replay really allowed me to stop & try each of your tips. I also just noticed 😜 your accessibility tool man for your website!! It works great 👍 thank you for that! – Debbie

I’m a senior (84) and I truly enjoyed your site and the help it has provided me over the years.   Your information is simple – easy to follow and not confusing.   I just wanted to say “thank you.” – Lon

Keep up all the great things that you do. You are a wealth of information. – Doug

Thank you for all the tutorials I have bought in the past. The lessons have been very helpful also. I feel like I know you by watching your tutorials with places you and your wife have been. I have been in the habit of finding books on subjects like iPhone and iMovie. I have found they are few and far between. You have a fine service here. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for all you do…your information really is quite a lifeline to a simpler life online. – Alanna

Thank you! just got my MacBook Pro and its my first ever Mac and i don’t really know what I’m doing as I’ve always used Windows. 😅 – Catherine

I have been a subscriber to your website since the early days of Noteboom and have appreciated your common sense approach to teaching us everything Apple. – Dick

Learned something new from iMac from you. Thank you Dan. – T

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